The Tomboys of Kpop


Yes, the gals of Kpop look like queens of perfection but these lovely ladies below defy those stereotypes 100%.


EXID's Hani

As happy as Hani is for having EXID suddenly get famous thanks to her sexy image, she hates being known as a sexy or pretty girl. She's rough. She likes to eat a lot, wear hoodies and sneakers every day, and just wants to hang out like the rest of the guys.

If you see her on variety shows, her personality is hilariously different from the sexy image she has onstage with EXID.


Sistar's Bora

Bora is notorious for showing up to practices in sweats and baggy hoodies. She waits to the last possible moment to put on the tiny clothes Sistar has to wear. She's loud, boisterous, has a dirty mouth and is just plain great.


F(x)'s Amber

Amber is sort of the first idol to be able to keep their tomboy image even on stage. She's 100% herself and that's so awesome. Amber gives a lot of hope to girls (and guys!) everywhere that thought if they didn't fit the usual kpop mold, they had no chance. Thank you Amber!


Girls Day's Hyeri

Hyeri is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. If you check her instagram though, she's a messy loud hilarious girl who doesn't really like to wear make up or dress up unless she has to. She likes to eat a lot, sleep a lot, and just veg.


SNSD's Sooyoung

Sooyoung has said from day one that all she wants to do in life is eat and play with her dogs. On days off, she often doesn't leave the house and just vegs out in pajamas all day eating and taking pictures with her dogs. She is also an incredible beer drinker lolz.


2NE1's CL


Who did I forget? Who is your favorite Kpop tom boy?

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