10 Things You'll Know If Your Best Friend Is Latina

Okay, honestly, I've known a lot of fabulous people in my lifetime, but one of the most fabulous by far is my current BFF who is a fiery Latina! And yes, I'm the Lizzie McGuire in this situation, because I'm not cool enough to be Miranda, and that's clear.

I thought I'd write this post to shed some light on all the awesome benefits of having a latina best friend. Shout out to all of my beautiful Boriqua ladies out there!

Here we go!


1. They will make you try new foods.

Honestly, I'm totally bland when it comes to food. I eat like three things. And now that I've been a vegetarian for a while, that's an even more narrow scope. I've never had Pasteles before, nor have I black bean burgers. They will introduce you to a whole new world of foods, and my god is it delicious!


2. They'll introduce you to a whole new way of drinking.

Coquito is a traditional Puerto Rican egg nog that is spiked with tons of rum and coconut milk. It is so strong, and flavorful that you'll be on your ass within minutes, which explains why I don't remember a lot of New Year's eve. Whatevs. #sorryboutit


3. They will make you dance.

My friend loves to dance, I mean she'll get all Bachata despite what music is playing, and people effing love it! Latinas have this beautiful light about them, meanwhile I'm sipping Gin and Tonic in the corner tapping my foot like I'm at some kind of lame DJ set. It's all good, Im learning!


4. They'll give great music recommendations.

Okay if you haven't heard Prince Royce, you need to hear him right now. He's a huge hit amongst young Latinas, and for good reason. He's totally dreamy.


5. They'll set you straight if you're acting like a baby.

Latinas are really strong, and I mean...strong. They can help you realize that you're not a whiny little baby, and you need to stand up for yourself. That, or they'll just fight your battles for you.


6. They will defend you to the end and tell it like it is.

Do not get on the wrong side of a Latina, she will cut you. Trust me.


7. They'll encourage you to try new things.

Oh, it's Bachata night? You're going bitch! And don't even try to say no, because they're already in the car ready to go.


8. They'll teach you new words.

Ever heard the word "dale" used in real life? Well if you have a Latina BFF you'll hear it daily. "Dale this, Dale that...la la la." You're way too cool for me.


9. You'll learn about cultures outside of your own.

Being friends with many different types of people affords you the unique reward of perspective. The ability to learn and appreciate other cultures is a fantastic thing. I've learned so much from my Latina friends.


10. You'll have a best friend for life!

Because if I've learned anything from my BFF it's that she's loyal as hell. Everyone should get to know a fabulous Latina, because your life will be full of more color and fun than ever before!

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