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So, my sister and I are doing a thing. Next year we're going to be moving to Korea together and to help us familiarise ourselves with the Korean language and make it a more common thing in our household, we've began doing a 'Korean word of the day' in which we must incorporate in our speech sometime throughout the day. I figured maybe others would like to join us for fun. [: Today's word: 작가 = writer 전 어른이 되면 작가가 되고 싶어요. I want to be a writer when I grow up. This may not be directly Kpop related, but quite a few kpoppers enjoy more than just the music from Korea. **Might I note that my intentions to move to Korea did not spawn from my interest in the music, but rather the other way around. Granted, I have a degree in music production and plan to move to Korea to study the music industry and broaden myself as a musician, but my obsession with Kpop did not begin until after I had already decided on Korea as my ideal country of study. (My sister is coming with to continue her studies in animation and we design.) Initially, our country of interest was Japan considering the anime culture that would be ideal for my sister's studies, but after extensive research and debate we have both found that Korea is a better fit. I only state this because I hate being put under the assumption that I have based such a big life decision simply based on an interest in a few bands from such a distant country. I understand those that have fallen for the music and want to be closer to their bias, but that is not the intent behind the move.

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