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Garcia was ready.

"I'm in. One down, two to go." She grinned at her console. "Looks like they're gonna make it," she said to her team.

Morgan nodded beside her.

"Don't get too cocky. They're gonna figure out something's up soon. And there's still the team inside."

Garcia nodded. "I'm tracking Agent Romanoff on the monitor over there."

Reid was watching as well. Agent Romanoff was once again in disguise, accompanying Alexander Pierce.

"Without the data extraction, we won't be able to prove the Cap and the others are innocent," he whispered. "We need evidence."


Natasha's thoughts echoed Doctor Reid's worries, though she had no way of knowing that. She trailed Pierce, concealing all of her anger at his betrayal. She, like Fury, had trained beside him. And what was his thanks? For Fury, several bullets to the chest. She had no idea what Pierce might have planned for her after the Insight Project, but she had no intention of finding out. She'd chosen her side.

"This way," Pierce directed her. She offered him a vague smile, in keeping with the mannerisms of the woman she was pretending to be.


Bucky and Cap were together on the second helicarrier. Steve switched the chip while Bucky guarded his back, just like always.

"I've got it Garcia. One more to go." Steve turned to Bucky. "You know, with you standing there it feels like you never left. I still can't believe it."

Bucky grasped Steve's shoulder.

"Just one more thing to get used to, right? But save the sappy stuff for when this is all over."

Steve nodded, and they both ran to the rendezvous point, where they'd meet Sam and get a lift to the third and final helicarrier.

Reid noticed it first.

"Garcia. You need to stop them!"

Garcia didn't glance away from the screens, trying to discern the problem.

"What's wrong?"

"If they stick to the plan they're going to walk straight into Hydra's counterattack. Look!"

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