The truth about masks

happy, sad, mad, glad, ? Which one to be ? There are so many masks to choose from. Which one should I be today ? Let's see now... there's jealousy, pride, anger, joy ... then there's fear, and depression, just to name a few I believe that Paul Lawrence Dunbar said it best in his poem " We Wear The Mask" we all wear them at one point in our lives to hide our true selves and feelings about anything or anyone

some of these masks are plain ( No emotion or feeling) while others are extravagant and beautiful ( hiding all the pain) and others hide only part of your face but the one thing that they all show are your eyes "the Windows to your soul' So if you are still wearing your mask not wanting to show what your really feeling . Be careful of who can really see it in your eyes because they will always give you away.

Hey guys I just wanted to write this and ask for your feedback on this so plz be honest with me ( ik that y'all always are) thank you and love you guys

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