How To Trick Someone Into Liking You


If you're on the hunt for a boyfriend, fear not, for I am here to help. Who am I exactly? Well I'm your fake it till you make it guru. Being yourself in dating is totally overrated. You can basically trick people into liking you, and I'll tell you exactly how to do it.

1. Change your style:

Forget about your personal style

2. Change your hair:

Everyone knows blondes have more fun

3. Change the way you talk:

Talking like a baby is so in this season.

4. Buy some heels:

Stop living in middle school and buy some real lady shoes

5. Change literally everything else:

Guys don't like:

--Smart girls

--Thick girls

--Tall girls

--Girls with Tattoos

--Round girls

--Girls with black hair

--Girls with small eyes

--Girls with degrees

--Girls with IQ's higher than theirs

--Girls who have better jobs than them

--Girls who get paid more than them

--Girls who can play instruments

--Girls who are more competitive than them

--Girls who are more successful than them

So if you're any of these things, you might want to change that immediately! Don't worry about identity, personal discovery or true love. Those things don't even matter! To get someone to like you, you just have to compromise yourself, your morals and your worth.

Because everyone knows getting a guy is the key to happiness.

*Note, you can't force someone to like you, just be yourself, try and have a good time, and you will find someone that can encourage and enhance your life on a deeper level. Don't settle. Make sure you're supported, happy and attracted to that person. People who ask you to change are not worth your time. Thank you, and all of you beautiful people have a great day!

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