It's War! Kardashian Snubbed

In case you didn't know, the billion-dollar Ivy Blue, who turned four years old on January 7th was treated to TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES. One, at a private residence, which was attended by less than 50 people, and another at Hollywood hotspot, Cake Mix.

What's NOT IMPORTANT, is who was invited.

What IS IMPORTANT, is that Kim Kardashian (a la North West) and Kanye were SNUBBED FROM BOTH PARTIES.

Is there a war brewing between the two families of the two Luciferian Orders? What do you think?

Maybe you all would like to chime in:@cullenquigley@TessStevens@christianmordi@LizArnone@JordanNash@kaminisingh@dkunea26@KaylaElsbree@Ash1998@KatieMelbie@Marichel@Gavriella@mackenzieorr186@SparkRIDE@Maha@KaceyDodge@GreamGallery@jcl4rks0n@bkeys40@danidee

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