The Best Winter Trends To Keep You Warm And Fly

If you step outside, you will immediately realize that winter is not playing this year. The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn't mean your sense of fashion has to be. If you're steady dress drab because of the chill factor, quit while you're a head. Cold weather doesn't mean you can't embody a bit of style here and there. It's all about the layering and keeping warm that will make those cold days all the better. Keep scrolling to see a few ways you can make your coldest winter, your flyest winter.

My Favorites Trends This Winter:

- long coats - oversized sweaters - chunky turtlenecks - jumpsuits - pointed toe boots - slouchy knit hats - blanket scarves - simple v-necks [black, grey, white and tan]

What winter trends are you loving?

How are you keeping warm this winter?

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