VIXX 30 Day Challenge: Day 14

14. List your 5 favorite songs why?

1. Light Up The Darkness I love the lyrics and the beat! As soon as I heard this song I was in love with it! 2. Maze I love Hakyeon's part near the end of the song. The "And I'm going crazy, ireoke. Gyeolguk da neoya, neoya girl." I replay it that part like twenty times before I end the song. I wish this song was sung live so I could see him singing the part! 3. Chained Up Again I'm in love with Hakyeon's parts. I love his "think about it" part. I also love be beat and Hyuk's parts! 4. What U Waiting For? The chorus kills me! I love this song! Once again I love N's part in the chorus. 5. Error Their vocals and the chorus kill me!

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