BTS Naughty Results

So came across this. ^.~@DetkaN Mature rating so.....

1. He loves kissing you harshly, his tongue fighting against yours: J- Hope 2. He makes you moan at his soft touch: Taehyung 3. He goes crazy when you give him blowjob: Taehyung 4. He loves the way you moan when he's eating you out: Jin 5. He's very rough: Jungkook 6. He's very kinky: Suga 7. He always have dirty thoughts of you two in bed: Jin 8. He lives to be on top: Jin 9. He gets horny when he sees you biting your lip: Jimin 10. You're have sex with him in every room: Rap Monster

Is it me or is it hot in here? I got all the members XD

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