Oh my stress!!

My friends call me Jinny. My fave boy groups are got7, monstax, Bts, and 2pm. Right now though, I really like BTS and got7. My biases are jackson, jb, rapmon, and Jin. Jin and I share the same birthday. I've looked for many years for a guy to have my same bday, December 4th, 1992. I finally found him. We have similar traits: love to eat, cook, take care of others, dance funny when appropriate or not lol. Well, I'm getting bored writing about myself. Should you have any questions or anything NICE to say, please leave a comment. This is my first card, So I'm a Vingle virgin. hopefully later I'll write a fan fic.

I tried to do Jackson's rap, I may have said it out of order though. Tell me what you think.

When I first came here got7 and exo were the most popular, now BTS.Yay!!! Im an old army since 2013. i have some cards about BTS. follow me on instagram @jinnyrod3
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