Fun Facts About Lee Min Ho

1. Lee Min Ho was friends with Il Jung Woo and Kim Bum. 2. “The Boys Over Flowers” main cast had his first love with a college-friend when he was 20-year-old. 3. Lee Min Ho’s ideal woman is a woman who gently like “Full House” beauty Song Hye Kyo. 4. Lee Min Ho has this habit of talking while he sleeps and the 25-year-old actor prefers sleeping than eating during his filming. 5. The “City Hunter” star has a genuine personality; are optimistic and intelligent. Lee Min Ho always gets an A in PE and the value for mathematics was also consistent over 90. Unfortunately, because of his bustle in entertainment he has no time to complete his college. 6. Idolizing Leonardo DiCaprio, Lee Min Ho dreams of playing movies in Hollywood. 7. Lee Min Ho smokes although he’s not the heave one. Additionally, he is not a strong drinker. He can only tolerate drinking 2 glasses of alcohol and 4 beer cup of soju. 8. Lee Min Ho is amongst the South Korean citizen who is allowed to skip or not join military service because he’s the only son in his family. According to the rules, every boys in Korea must follow mandatory military unless he is the family’s only hope / man in the family. 9. Lee Min Ho got 60 million won for his role as Joen Jin-Ho in “Personal Taste”. 10. Lee Min Ho experienced a funny incident while shooting “Personal Taste” during when he has to do scene if urination in the toilet. On his awkward experience, he shared, “I’m very embarrassed because it was the first time I have open pants in front of so many people. “ 11. Lee Min Ho was eager to spend his holiday in a beautiful island in my country, Bali. During an interview in MBC Section TV, he revealed, ”I’d love to go sightseeing with my family during summer in Bali, or maybe to New Caledonia again”. 12. He was also classified as child-saving. He always set aside allowance (amounted to 100 thousand won). He can now buy anything with his income alone.

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