Lee Min Ho to Release Special Album and Go On World Tour in May

Lee Min Ho‘s agency announced on March 14, “We will release Lee Min Ho’s special album world-widely in May and he will be on a world live concert tour starting in Korea at the end of May.” Lee Min Ho has sung at fan meetings and other fan-related events previously, but this is his first time releasing an actual album. However, the purpose of this album is not for Lee Min Ho to make his debut as a singer, but to thank is fans. Lee Min Ho’s domestic and international fans have been asking for this album and Lee Min Ho put two years of time and effort into this album in return. Moreover, a part of the profit made from this album’s sales will be donated to charitable organizations helping people in need. Until now, Lee Min Ho prepared a song for every fan meeting he’s hosted but never released the song officially or performed elsewhere. Lee Min Ho’s live world tour concert series will visit at least 10 countries including Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and so on. The tour will last until July and each concert will be in the hybrid format of a talk show and live music. Lee Min Ho commented on the release of his album, “My only goal is to become a great actor and singing is not my thing. I just prepared this to thank my fans and give something back to them after receiving so much love and support from them. I hope to make a come back with a good script sometime soon. I’m always thankful to have all of your love and support.” A representative of Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “Fans have been requesting us to make an album with several songs Lee Min Ho has performed at fan meetings for over two years now. Since this album is a special one-time thing, fans will only be able to hear Lee Min Ho singing live in person, never on a TV show or other programs.” Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is widely popular in Asia as well as in South America, Middle East, and Europe as “Boys over Flowers” and “City Hunter” garnered much attention and popularity in these parts of the world.

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