Woman Sues EOS Lip Balm For Terrible Rash Around Lips

Cold weather calls for lip balm.

When EOS lip balm first launched, I remember every single girl in my high school had one including myself. We would put it on every chance we got, but for some reason it always made my lips feel super dry so I eventually gave it up and went back to my trust dusty chapstick. Several of my friends continued to faithfully use their EOS lip balm until the craze died down a few years later.

Evolution of Smooth

CNBC"According to the document, after first applying the balm, "within hours, her lips became substantially dry and coarse, what Ms. Cronin describes as feeling like "sandpaper," causing her to apply more of the balm on her lip to achieve the results of becoming "sensationally smooth."seen above

While EOS claims to be all organic and natural, that doesn't take away from the risk of contracting a reaction overtime. If you or someone you know uses EOS lip balm, spread the word in hopes of not spreading a rash. It might not happen to you, but it's not worth the risk.

Do you or have you ever used EOS lip balm?

What's your favorite lip balm?

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