The Little Details That Drive Them Wild

Accessorizing counts. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it doesn't. I'm sure many of you ladies look to accessories to complete your outfit from a purely fashion-related perspective – but have you ever thought about the power of the little details when it comes to attracting guys?

A Tiny Disclaimer:

I can only really speak from my own experience as a straight lady trying to attract dudes because it was something I found empowering. So that's what I'm going to talk about here – but ladies who love ladies, and non-ladies, and everybody in between, I ask you to actively chime in in the comments and tell us about your perspective on these tips, or share tips of your own! And if you don't want to read a card full of advice like wear a push up bra and try donning a dress every now and then, TURN BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.)

Showing Off Your Feminine Side

One of the things I've found really fascinate guys are things that they would NEVER wear. You'll find that to be a theme throughout (most of) this list. They're intriguing just because they're so... alien. I know lots of ladies think guys just want a tomboy, but trust me – sometimes it helps to be a little different.

Tiny Bows:

High Heels:

A Pretty Dress:

Colors That Will Win Them Over

Obviously, when there's chemistry between two people, what color they're both wearing couldn't matter less. But some colors are apparently recommended over others when it comes to catching a guy's eye.


Cobalt Blue:


Get a Little Edgy

Show the world that you – yes you! – have a little bit of a bad girl side. You've got some edge to you. Showing you have even just a little touch of edginess can do a lot to catch certain guys' attention, I've noticed. They're drawn in by how cute you are first, and then when they see you have a cooler, darker side to you, they stick around to learn more.

A Leather Jacket:

Colored Hair:

A Tattoo:

Flaunt Those Curves

I mean, come on, people. Duh.

Tight Jeans:

A Push-Up Bra:

It's All About the Little Details

Like I said, you can't underestimate the power of those tiny details to catch someone's eye, or give them a reason to keep wondering about you later. These personal touches can set you apart, make you stick in someone's mind, and are a chance for you to showcase your personal style and personality before someone even gets to know you.


Red Lipstick:

A Simple Necklace:

Appearance isn't everything.

I hope these tips help you in some way – they're all just little ideas on how you can add details to your personal look on those days when you are trying to make somebody do a double take in your direction.

But remember, being beautiful and feeling good in your own skin is all about dressing the way YOU like to, not about getting guys to like you or doing what anybody else wants. I really don't want anyone to take that message away from this card. Be who you are, love yourself, and dress however you g-ddamn want!!!

And never think you need to change yourself to get people to like you. If they're worth it, they'll love you exactly the way you are. But hey, it's not a crime to like wearing a push-up bra once in a while, either, if it makes you feel good.

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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