Info for the next Screenshot game. (K-Drama Style)

So I have been thinking and to break the Monotony of the normal screenshot games I comprise, I want to design a K-Drama Style one. Now, you are either looking at this card just like A) J-Hope or B) Jung Ha. (YAY for Homemade Memes!)

Let's Continue:

I will Choose 4 Actors to automatically be in the game. All you have to do is (Leave a comment of who you want from the choices) in the card.


This will be Viewer Vote. Whichever Guys/Girls Have the most votes, they will be in the upcoming screenshot game. The Categories are going to be a little different, but here's what my thinking tank has compiled so far.

*The Star Bullets are the categories you get to vote for*

☆7 Leads ☆7 Second Lead Roles ☆5 Rivals ☆5 Best friends Occupation Where you meet Kind of drama: Love/Hate, family feud, rekindling of an old relationship. Where do you live: Countryside or Suburbs.

Following: Okay! So the Actors in this section are going for sure be in here:

Kim Woo Bin Lee Ki-Woo Lee Soo-HyukLee MinHo They will be Wild Cards: Meaning they could show up in Either of the ☆ Categories:Lead Second Lead Rival Best Friend

Look among the list and choose who you would want as 1st & 2nd Lead

Nominations: *1st & Second Lead*

Seo Jun-YoungPark Si-HooKim Soo-HyunJung Il-WooKang Ha-NeulSung HoonJung Yong HwaPark YoochunLee Tae SungChoi Woo Shik

Nominations: *1st & 2nd Lead*

Park Min Woo Cho Yoon Woo Lee Jong Hyun Song Jae RimSong JoongkiKim Jae WookSeo In GukChoi Jin HyukJang Geun SukKim Bum

Nominations: *Rivals or Best Friends*

Park Shin HyeSo Yi-HunLee Chung AhJang NaraKim Tae HeeHan Ji-MinJung Yoo-MiKoo Hye-SunYoon Eun-HyeJang Hee-Jin

Nominations: *Rivals or Best Friends*

Kim Ji-WonPark Soo-JinLee Yeon-HeeLee Si-YoungYoon Seung-AhSong Hye-KyoGong Hyo-JinHan Ga-InJun Ji-Hyun Shin Min-Ah

Just Leave a comment of your vote. I will devise everything else. Again, this is to break up the Monotony of my usual screenshot games.

Voting will be up until the 22nd

*If you want to be tagged let me know*

*Tagging My Usual players*

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