C-Netziens do not have a heart😡

Dude she's 15/16 she doesn't deserve to be bashed for something that wasn't even her fault. Her nationality is Taiwanese but she is Chinese as well. She didn't tell the producer to put the Taiwan flag instead of the Chinese flag, obviously the producers or editor just put it in there because she said Taiwan. I'm so pissed of because J.Y.P. Ent. had to make her publicly apologize on video for something so minor that blew up because some ahole of a actor said she supported Taiwanese independence. People believe everything they read. Tzuyu left Taiwan when she was barely in her pre-teens meaning she probably only got a Elementary level (maybe middle school) schooling in Taiwan. This means she probably has like 45 percent of knowledge on Taiwanese independence. The only thing I can compare this to is Britain and Scotland. Scotland became apart of the UK in the 17 or 1800's against their will. Even until today the Scottish and English hate each others guts and a recent survey have asked the Scottish if they still want to be apart of the UK and most people said yes. But others have voiced that they want Scotland to be independent and are trying to fight for their independence. Let's say a singer from Scotland became famous overseas and they ask her what her nationality is and she says Scottish, the English won't be like "She hates Britain and the Queen because she said she's Scottish and not English". Chinese Netizens are being really immature. People need to grow up. All I ask is for people to leave her alone. She is now forever probably traumatized by the media.

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