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Sorry guys, I can't make a post today. My mom locked me and herself out of the computer when she changed the password for no reason. She dumped the responsibility on me to fix it and I can't unless I pay the geek squad 100$. I doubt if 365 Days of Miku will be able to continue at all for this reason. Not even 2 months in and I've already had to miss a day. It's been more stressful than fun for me, and to top it off my family is using it to control me. They know that without computer access (because I can't upload post from my phone) I can't make my daily post, so they like to change the password on it, give me a list of things to do and won't tell me the password til it's done. It's ridiculous. I work to pay my own way, I'm going to college and I do everything around the house myself and then some. Then when I attempt to do something I love, instead of getting any support, my hobby becomes something that is used to manipulate me. I can't handle this stress anymore. I'm sorry guys. It can't continue. It's causing too much stress on my behalf and it's getting me taken advantage of. And it's a downright shame that I'm being forced to quit so soon because of everything it's caused. It breaks my heart how my family would rather take advantage of me by using what I love to manipulate me instead of support me. If there's any photos you like be sure to save them to your computer or phone. I'm going to delete all of them except the few I really like, which will be renamed so their titles don't include the name of this rapidly failed project. Bye guys. This time I probably won't see you tomorrow.

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