How To Survive Valentine's Day When Single

If you want to get technical, Valentine's day is wack.

No, I'm not just saying that because I happen to be single -- but why single one day out of the year to show someone how much you love them when you have 364 other days you can do the same? America has a way of hyping up a holiday that should honestly be just a regular day out of the year. Don't get me wrong, if I was in a relationship I would thoroughly enjoy going out to celebrate -- but there's no need to be overly affectionate because I would expect that from my significant other year round.

The fact that I am single and I have been single for the past five years, I know that social media will be full of pictures, sappy captions and tweets that would make the average person want to crawl into a corner and cry. Here's what I say, love yourself. Just because your single doesn't mean that you still can't enjoy lover's day. Treat yourself. Pamper yourself. Send yourself roses. Be romantic -- for you. Because honestly at the end of day, who can love you more than yourself? Absolutely no one.

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All my single ladies and men, how will you be spending your Valentine's day?

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