My Ideal Anime Self

Body Type/ Physical Features: Rin Okumura I pretty much have the same physique as he does already, but I'm missing the six pack, and aside from the tail, eye color, haircut, and ears, I pretty much look like him.

My Power/weapons: Shinki abilities and Daisho Considering the weapon styles I'm most familiar with, a daisho is a perfect fit, and the Shinki abilities I'm specifically referring to are Borderline, Restraint, etc.

Location: Modern International Mainly because I really want to travel the world.

Enemies: Daemons, Heartless, Nobodies, and various supernatural things (yes, I know that technically Heartless and Nobodies aren't anime, but still(and yes, there is a supernatural anime))

Catch Phrase: I'm ready for anything!

Companion: Talking Cat, with Aero Magic Preferably Pantherlily, because, well, Size changing, and swordsman too...

the people I'm tagging, please tag more! @InVincybll@tbell2@Danse@TylerDurso@VoidX@MadAndrea@ninjamouse@Matsumoto

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