This Mid-Season Trailer for Star Wars Rebels is Amazing

The trailer for the second half of the second season of Star Wars Rebels has me unbelievably excited and glad that I bought the season pass on Amazon when I had the money. There has been a lot of questions I had when I started watching the show a couple months ago and it seems like I'm finally going to start getting some answers.

The next block will contain a whole bunch of spoilers so if you're planning on catching up on the whole thing then maybe you should come back to this card after you're done. It's a good show, trust me. But if you don't care about that sort of thing, then read on!

One of the biggest questions I had while watching this show was after Ashoka Tano showed up. I wondered what happened to her after the end of the Clone Wars and seeing her reappear with two white sabers (signifying her alliance to the force is gray instead of light or dark) nearly blew my mind in half.

And I always wondered if Ashoka knew the fate of Anakin Skywalker. This was sort of answered at the end of the mid-season break, which I was happy about but in this trailer it looks like Darth Vader (and some other big names from the Star Wars franchise) will be showing up to assist Ezra and the group.

But the biggest thing for me is the relationship that Ashoka will end up having Vader. If you watched the Clone Wars series then you'll know that they've spent a whole lot of time together. I just wonder how Ashoka will react (we can see from the trailer that she doesn't react well). I hope they really go into their history.

And hold up, hold up, is Ezra going to the dark side?!? What the hell is happening? I need to know. I hope I find out. I can't wait.

The second half of the second season of Star Wars Rebels will premiere on January 20th!

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