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The spokeswoman of the German Association for Wertpapierbesitz,

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Fundamentally difficult to grasp

Analyst Hendrik Garz of the WestLB p Westport even says: "In the long run it is worth to invest now." Who have the courage in an "exaggeration phase down" to go, could be rewarded for it quite. But Garz also says a turnaround is hardly to be expected in the coming weeks. The causes of the current price decline are now "little more with fundamental data to explain" for Garz.

Although there was also negative news. Overall, the psychology in the game was but currently more. Currently was "Risk aversion just enormously tall, escape to the safe havens is there."

The good news despite the losses on the stock market: The tones in the banks are restrained, which increases the chances according to the contrarian theory on the formation of a floor. Course objectives for the Dax in the term of one year by 7,500 to 8,000 points in the banks, circulated at the beginning of the year still almost monotonous the strategists hold back now elegantly with prognosis. "We consider just our price target for the DAX", says Klaus Schlote, equity strategist of the Dresdner Bank. The potential estimated at the beginning of the year for the German share of 8,000 points have already revised downwards the Dresdner Bank, am now but once again on the bench.

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