My ideal anime self...

So out of a few animes I have took traits from certain characters to make a new one that would best fit me.

First is my Body Type: I'm not very tall.... Pretty short actually ๐Ÿ˜’ I'm 5'3". I wrestle so my body's very toned due to my excessive working out and cutting weight. I feel as though my ideal anime self should somewhat resemble me so Killua was my top choice.

Next is Power: I would want to have the same powers as Tsukune Aono. I would want to have full control over my powers. He's a ghoul/vampire (pretty much a failed vampire). In his ghoul/vampire form he has super human strength and speed. He's a total badass hence the reason I want his powers lol.

My ideal Setting: I would love to be in an old fashion village. Not too high tech but somewhat modern kinda like the Hidden Leaf Village.

Catchphrase: I would probably have something cheesy like Natsu's catchphrase "I'm all fired up!" Or Naruto's "Believe it" lol. Either one of those or most likely nothing.

Companion: I would want an exceed like Pantherlily. He's normally cute and cuddly but when he's serious he becomes a giant cat warrior. Plus I would then be able to fly around

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