Kpop Nicknames \(^~^)/

I realized that I have like....little nicknames for my favorite idols and I feel the need to share them with you guys!!! Just so if I talk about a certain idol people wouldn't be confused when I don't use their stage name or real name! As my name is Samantha I also have nicknames and I have a little joke that I am the unofficial eight member of Bts so I have my stage name which is Sungah!! Some other nicknames are Sama-senpai (my little sis calls me this) other names for my name like Sam, sammy (sammie) and probably more that I cant remember!!! My current nickname is ChimChim, my friend named me that because I LOVE Jimin and so we share the same nickname! (friends nm is KuYa)

Okay enough about me..... First group is Bts Jin, I call him either eomma or pink princess Suga, I have started to call him by his real name Yoongi J-Hope, either Hobi, Hope or Angel Rap Monster, another I tend to call by his real name Namjoon but sometimes I call him RapMon, dad or Joonie Jimin, ChimChim or Jiminie V, either TaeTae ( or just Tae) and occasionally by his real name Taehyung Jungkook, Kookie, Golden Maknae or seagull


Vixx is the next one N, sometimes N-eomma or Cha Leo, I sometimes call him my lion (which GoT also use for one Lannister) Ravi, I dont think I have one for him... Ken, he has many (most of them he made up) but I call him Kenny or Kenjumma Hongbin, Bean or Hongbinie or sometimes artwork Hyuk, just Hyukie

Monsta X Shownu,grandpa is basically what I call him Kihyun, chicken boy Wonho, I call him Wonhoe (not to be mean or anything) or player Minhyuk, just Min Hyungwon, Hyungie Jooheon, heony (a play on words heh) or simply Joo I.M, I like calling him by his real name Changkyun (makes me feel closer since we are both 96' liners)

Seventeen....still havent figured out most of their nm (some I call them by other names I have heard them being called) S.Coups, scoups (too lazy to seperate it heh) Joshua, Josh sometimes Jeonghan, AngelHan again sometimes Jun, still dont have one Wonwoo, I love calling him Wonwon (any HP fans?) Hoshi, still nothing Woozi, I pronounce his name the Korean way Wooji DK, still nothing Seungkwan, Diva or Boo Mingyu, nothing yet either The8, nope nothing Vernon,....Vernon Dursley(i cant remember if thats the right way) heh Dino, just maknae

I dont think I have anymore because these are the ones I kind if follow the most or I still havent figured out my other nm for my other fandoms


Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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