A Lil bit of My interests

heyyyyyyy this is me~ Wendy . if you dont know me i have been here for a few months now i think? maybe 2 ? lost track . i noticed i dont have Vingle Buddys so i made this since im Buzzed kk soo lets chatt :D =here are some of my favorite artists=

2ne1 Skrillex /Jack ü system of a down Geeks IU ==some Anime ! ==

High school of the dead Neon Genesis Nana ==And now films !! ==

Spiderman Howls moving Castle Death Becomes her Edward scissor hands == Cheesy Cosplay Anyone?

ohhh how could I forget Kdrama D;

Those are just a few of my interests , hope we had something in common lets chat soon :D Instagram : Wendycraftq

-i left my cheer squad for the anime club -enjoys majestic walks to the discounted comic book section -Black jack as fuck ♠♣♦ - ü👽 -pansexual /genderfluid -San Francisco, Ca --IG: @ wendycraftq
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