Kpop GIF Challenge

So I'm going to a funeral and I feel like this will cheer me up a bit...

The Rules:

1. Open GIF folder 2. Use every 3rd GIF 3. NO SKIPPING

Your parent's reactions when you were born ---- well that makes perfect sense

How you felt on the first day of school ---- I'm confused on what I felt

Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike ---- I was excited~ yayyyuuuuu

Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend ---- oh...o...kay

How you felt when you got your first crush ---- Block B was having a party inside me

How your crush felt when you told them ---- ;-; they didn't take it too well

Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have "the talk" ---- Rlly? Plz no.

How you felt waiting for your exam results ---- thats pretty accurate...just stressin

Your reaction to failing an exam ---- lol couldn't have been better

Your reaction to passing an exam ---- yep XD

Your reaction to having a crush on your professor ---- he must've been cute

Your reaction to graduating ---- I'm ready to leaveeeee

Your reaction to finding a good job ---- workin with Asians like

The rest of your life ---- it's all about peace...and JB of course

This was so fun!! ^-^

I NOMINATE YOU (and anyone who isn't tagged is welcome to do it as well)

tagging the Vingle Fam: @glo86@reyestiny93@ArmyofKookie@SarahVanDorn@amberg171997@AlmaRangel@OliviaZenger@NancyVongvilay@yewookyu@KellyOConnor@Ercurrent@kelseyblair@JasmineWilliams@punkpandabear@jessicaacosta90@otakukpopgirl@CreeTheOtaku@thePinkPrincess@kpopandkimchi@reyestiny93@carolinacastane@kpopis100@SunnyV@AlexaGarcia@Tigerlily84@JohnEvans@jojojordy2324@christianliu@Baekyeol27@AbbyRamey@BabySheep@destiny1419@LeahSellstrom@AimeeH@TesneemElAlami@LizHolder@BrandyJones@AnnahiZaragoza@Jiyongixoxo@Atomshair@JasmineWilliams@LenaBlackRose@clstap1@megancurrent9@LeahSellstrom@AnnahiZaragoza@jenjenkhreim@Starbell808@SusiBosshammer@callmeguenza@LenaBlackRose@ninjamidori

kpop means everything to me~ Kim Taehyung is my UB! >ω< BTS is my favorite ♡
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