“Boruto” Manga series – Spring 2016

Well I have to say that I was a bit stunned when I heard about this. I was elated, but that elation was short lived. It was replaced with skepticism after hearing that Kishimoto Sensei will only be supervising. I love the writing style and drawing style that Kishi brings to the table. It remains to be seen if I will enjoy this new series based on the “New Generation”.

So here are some facts:

*This was announced on December 19th, 2015. *Masashi Kishimoto will be supervising the new series. *Mikio Ikemoto (One of Kishimoto’s assistants) will be doing the drawing. *Ukyō Kodachi will be writing the story. (He wrote Naruto- Gaara Hiden (novel), Boruto- The Movie Screenplay Corporation. He might have been one of multiple people that wrote the screenplay for the movie.) *It will be a once a month serialization, not every week like the regular Naruto series.   *The exact date this will start is unclear. Well there you have it. Let me know your thoughts. I personally don’t really know what to think at this point. On a positive note, it could be good. Ikemoto is familiar with how Kishi draws, and I assume Kodachi is good at writing stories. It could be good. I just want to get the news out there. If you are wondering where I got all this info, please feel free to google it. Here are few websites. You can probably find more. http://www.idigitaltimes.com/new-naruto-manga-series-boruto-premiere-spring-2016-498875 http://www.youthhealthmag.com/articles/31950/20160113/new-boruto-manga-2016.htm

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