BTS Would You Rather Day 15 Suga Cuddles or Carnival V? Small scenario included.....

Day 15! Only 4 more left! Cuddle with Yoongi or go to a carnival with V.......

Cuddles with this handsome face? Uuuhhh yeah duchess of course@SugaOnTop would be all over that for sure lol

Carnival with Tae....purple hair Tae :D Carnivals mean........ *gulp* clowns?? ......... ......... ......... ......... .........


........... ........... ........... ...........

Yoongi wants me to stay with him and cuddle :) "Is that kid crazy? Doesn't he know how much you hate clowns?" I sat in silence trying not to think of the thought of clowns. I'd hated them for years, I don't scream when I see them, but they make me incredibly uncomfortable. Yoongi sighed next to me running a hand through his blond locks. His roots were starting to show, but with the comeback coming up he was waiting to dye it at the last minute. I heard it was going to be a mint color this time around and I was looking forward to seeing it when it was done. Tae wanted to take me out just the two of us for one last night of fun before they were going to be too busy for the next couple of months with promotions for the new album release. I agreed before I knew it was going to be a carnival. "That's it." Yoongi slapped his hands on his thighs causing me to jump in alarm. I turned my gaze towards him watching the determination seep over his features. His five o'clock shadow needed shaved off, but he didn't seem overly concerned by it. He turned towards me, "You're staying here with me."

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BTS ARMY ♡ Jungkook is life :) Yoongi is inspiration, NamJoon is life goals, Hobi is my hope :), Tae is my baby, Jin is my chef, and Jimin....well Jimin just wrecks my entire bias list on a constant daily basis...... :) ooh well yes 'Girl Meets...' equals shots fired at Big Hit I see you there
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