Ideal Anime Self @Invysibl (I think thats right)

Ideal Self. Light Yagami (pre-insanity, but post gaining Death Note) Light, as a person, was an intelligent young man who was going somewhere before he went power mad. I support his idea to an extent. I don't believe a minor theif should be killed, but if someone is a rapist or a murderer, they don't deserve to live (imho)

Power Daiguren Hyorinmaru As a major Bleach-o-philiac (if you can't guess by my name...) I love all zanpakuto, but Toshiros Bankai was the most impressive to me. Usually ice isn't my favored element (I usually prefer fire or air) but ITS A FERKIN ICE DRAGERN! And the most powerful Water or Ice zanpakuto of them all

Setting Death City. Kinda the coolest place ever in any anime I've watched so... no further reasoning Except its in MURIKA!

Catchphrase JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?! Like Light, most of the time I'm quiet and reserved. But when I get pissed off, I definitely become the most badass gundam anime hero, Kamina! So whos catchphrase is better than his? *cricket noises, then someone starts to object* "B-but Kamina is like the polar opposite of Li-" "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?" (person sits down, and I nod decisively)

And I don't really have a companion, kinda a loner. But any way, thats the ideal anime me!

gamer, anime watcher, a little bit of a weeaboo....
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