BTS' Experiment -C2- The First Morning

Prologue- Chapter 1-

I woke up to the sound of the boys outside of my room. They tried to be quiet so that I wouldn't wake up, but they must have gotten excited. Last night in the dream I had, the boys were running, and running for what felt like an eternity. Why were they running constantly? They only stopped to sleep, but then started running again. Run, one of their songs, the music video. Strange dream, but my thoughts were interrupted by Taehyung falling through the doorway backwards. After realizing what had happened, he got up and crawled away. Jin walked in after him and looked at me sitting on my bed. "Look what you did Tae!" Taehyung got up and looked at me worried. "You probably woke her up, Tae! Good job!" Jin scolded him for waking me up. I quickly got up and walked up to Jin and told him that I woke up after hearing all of them in front of my door. Jin turned towards the others that were behind him and started scolding them for arguing right in front of my door. "Jin, you're the one that said that we should wake her up before it gets too late!" Jimin said, who somehow ended up sitting on the chair in my room. Jimin started laughing at Jin and almost fell off from laughter. Then Namjoon calmly walked past Jin and Jimin and stood in front of me. "So," he said, "how did ya sleep in your new home?" The rest of the boys were filing into my room and started sitting on the floor or stood against the walls. Except Jin who was watching each and every member. "I slept very well last night. I had a dream about you guys last night." As soon as I said that, they were all looking at me with curiosity. "What was it about, like, what happened?" Jungkook said smiling, maybe he was thinking of something else. I wouldn't know since I don't remember much about him. The other members were silently agreeing that they wanted to know about my dream and what they did. "You really want to know don't you all?" I looked at each of them and saw that they looked like little kids waiting to hear a fairy tale. "Well, you all were running, and running..." Yoongi stood up and started walking towards me with a disappointed face. I hated to say it but, that really was it and just them sleeping. "That was seriously it?" He looked at me and sat down waiting for me to say something else. I looked at him and told him, "The only other thing you guys were doing was sleeping along the way to wherever." Yoongi smiled at that and went to the center of the room and sat down. "Your mind must still be a bit blank since you don't remember much. Maybe your brain is trying to recollect its memories of us." Namjoon calmly said and everyone nodded and started to smile. "Kinda reminds you of our Run MV." I was looking at each of the member's faces to try and see what they might be thinking. I noticed the clock on the nightstand for once, it said 9:38. Now I get why they were arguing to wake me up or not. I remembered that they wake up around 9. I kinda feel bad for them having to keep me without any guidelines whatsoever. Jin! Where is he at? He must've gotten bored with the conversation and left to continue getting ready for the day. "Hey, do you all need to get ready for practice or whatever?" I asked out loud. "Ah, the company contacted us before you woke up." Taehyung said with his box-smile on his face. "We get the next 2 days off to be with you. You need to get to know us better to be able to tolerate us for a whole 6 months!" Jimin interrupted him and said, "We still have to go meet PD-nim to get some rules-thingy. Like rules about what we are and aren't allowed to do with you." Jungkook flicked Jimin for saying that. After some talking Jin popped his head into the room and said, "We need to leave in half an hour, so we can get the things we need to do done. So get cleaned, get dressed, and be ready in 25 minutes." He then left down the hall towards the bathroom. The other members got up and started to leave my room. "Hey, are we going to eat?" Since Namjoon was the last one left in my room he turned to answer me. "Ah, we're going to eat at a restaurant down the street. No one is very good at making breakfast so we eat at the restaurant every so often." But, didn't Jin cook for the members almost all the time? I decided to ask Namjoon who was almost out the door. "Doesn't Jin cook for you all? He did last night." He sighed and said, "Yes, but his cooking isn't good, only sometimes like last night. Breakfast is different since he doesn't know that many recipes for breakfast." Then he walked down the hall to his new room. I changed into another outfit that was in my bag that the facility gave me. Red and black flannel button up, white pants, and my red converse. (Second picture) The only color clothes they gave me are black, white and reds. I guess they don't know my style, only my favorite color that I put on the registration form. This must be why they asked, stupid facility. Maybe while we're out for today, we can shop for new clothes since I'll be here for 6 months. After changing, I found a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste at the bottom of my bag and walked to the bathroom. When I reached the bathroom, Hoseok was passing by to go to his room. "Hey y/n, you look good. I mean, that outfit, on you, it looks good. Erm." He was flustered for some reason. He blushed and looked down then walked away to his room. Yoongi walked out of the bathroom and looked at me and down the hall to Hoseok's room and back to me. "Yeah, I heard that little conversation. What an awkward horse." He shook his head and walked over to the living room. Okaaay then. I just shrugged and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. In the middle of brushing my teeth, Jin was passing by. "Hey y/n, when you're finished put your toothbrush there. Remember to be ready in 20 minutes, though you look ready now." Jin IS like a mom, honestly. At least he cares for his members. After finishing up, I placed my toothbrush where Jin told me to. I looked at myself in the mirror after a year of not doing so. My hair hair grown quite a lot, my skin has many imperfections, and I feel like I've grown just a bit. I decided to look away so that I wouldn't depress myself. When I opened the door Jimin was standing against the wall and suddenly stood straight up when I said his name. "Ah, did I really take that long Jimin? I'm sorry." I bowed to him slightly. He looked surprised at my gesture of apology. "No, you didn't take that long, really. I just expected you to take longer since you're a girl. I've heard that women take a super long time in the bathroom." I guess it has only been 5 minutes. "Well, I don't have much, just a toothbrush right now." I smiled at Jimin who was studying my outfit. "Ah, excuse me I need to get ready." He said. Oh, I didn't realize that I had been blocking the doorway. I moved out of the way so he could go in. What an inconvenience to only have one bathroom for a dorm with 7 men. I still have 10 minutes until everyone should be ready, so went to my room. What should I do to pass the time? In the corner of my room is my little bag of clothes, and on the other side of the wall is a rack for clothes. Since I only have a few outfits, I'll put them away. When I was finished putting all 5 shirts and pants on the rack I was about time to leave. 10:03, close enough. In the living room was Yoongi on his phone and Jin sitting on the couch. Jin told me to sit until everyone came out, and Yoongi gestured to the area beside him. After a few minutes everyone was ready to leave for food. We walked down to the ground floor and outside the building complex. Jin and Namjoon were in front talking. Jungkook and Jimin were playing some kind of game to see who could find the most birds, or something. Hoseok was talking to Yoongi about what to eat today. Taehyung and I were in the back of the group. Taehyung was obviously excited and said, "So later on could you tell us about the facility you were kept at and what happened, only if you feel like it of course." Even though I took a pill to make me forget the facility, I remember everything that happened in the last year. After we were seated at the restaurant and ordered, the guys started to ask me questions. "Why were you at the facility? What was it like? What did you do? Were you treated badly? What did they do to you to make you forget us? Did they train you or something there? Why did they train you? What were they training you for?" I answered every question they had for me. Even the ones I didn't know the answer to, I just answered with, "I'm not sure." After the food came and we started eating, the questions went from the facility me personally. "What's your favorite food? Are you allergic to anything? What shows do you like? What special talents do you have? Can you sing? Can you dance? What were you studying? Are you from the US?" When all of the food was eaten, the questions finished after someone said that the questions were tiring me out, which they weren't. They paid for the food and we left for the company building. I'm guessing that Hoseok was thinking out loud, maybe it was a real question. "Do you think that in the rules one will be do not fall in love like those romance games?" Jungkook went up to him and flicked him. "What games are you playing where that happens?" These men, or boys, guys, somethings. I'm so happy that I got this opportunity. We reached the building and went in and took the elevator up. We were greeted by PD-nim who bowed to me and introduces himself. Someone else told us to go to a meeting room down the hall. In there we all sat down and waited. PD-nim, their manager, and a few other company people came in and sat down around the table. One of them pulled a few papers out of a folder and set them on the table. All the boys looked very serious and were looking at the officials who were looking over the papers. "Now," said the manager, "let's start this meeting about y/n."

That was pretty long, sorry about that. I got bored and decided to write another part. Please leave feedback in the comments! Later on I plan to have splitting paths for each member. So, requests are needed.

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