Healthiest times to eat !

Breakfast: is the most important meal of the day because it gets out bodies going for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, nowadays so many people skip breakfast for a coffee or just because, but the nutrients we get from breakfasts are essential to get our digestive system and the rest of our body to properly function. Lunch: If you skip breakfast then most likely you're starting by lunch & eat more than you should. Keep it simple and try drinking a cup of water right before to get your digestive systm to process all your intake. Dinner: We usually have such a hectic day that dinner is soooo late & it shouldn't be because if we sleep right after when will out food ever have time to digest? Eat on time & right and do not fall for late night munchies. Instead drink a cup of milk or tea. Do not forget healthy snacks throughout the day can keep your digestive system in action and processing more food than it would without snacks. Drink up water all day to help food be digested properly. It is also a proven fact sometimes our body is thirsty but we misinterpret it for food so drink up as much water!

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