Super Sunday: Super Saiyans!

This is for the daily events being hosted by our wonderful mod team in the Japanese anime community. You can find the prompt card here: If you want to participate as well!

Who is your Favorite Super Saiyan?

Mine is the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta! Vegeta is a badass with some of the best moments in the entire series and has the most character development. Vegeta works and struggles to become stronger and whenever he does it is truly satisfying.

Favorite Super Saiyan Form?

Mine is Super Saiyan one. I think it has the best design as it's nice and simple. While I really love the Super Saiyan Blue design, I gotta give it to the original form that started it all. It's a little sad that we probably won't see this transformation from Goku and Vegeta anymore I'm the series.

Favorite Transformation?

While Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan is undisputedly the best transformation in the series, my personal favorite is when Vegeta turns Majin. That was a very emotional moment to see Vegeta start to turn back to his evil ways. When the Supreme Kai is trying to prevent the transformation and he tells Vegeta that he's innocent, for Vegeta to tell him that he's far from innocent as he's had many sins in the past. For, this was the highest point in the series was this whole arc revolving around Vegeta in the Majin Saga.

And that's it! Thanks for reading my card and remember to have a great day! Ja ne

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