A hoping love story part 2

That night J-Hope couldn't go to sleep because of you.. "Ahhhh why can't I sleep? is it because (Y/N)?" He stayed up for hours thinking about you and sooner or later he eventually sleeps but he just dreams about you. he imagined seeing you in a white flowing dress, your hair flowing in the wind. Then all of the sudden he touches your fair soft skin that is your face with his smooth hands, he can't help it. He starts to lean in to kiss you then he wakes up to see himself cuddling with a pillow. " Am I love sick or something? no I can't be! She has a boyfriend... Aish crap! I got to go to practice!!! Im gonna be late!" He gets up and starts dressing himself in his black jeans, plain white shirt and black vans. "Hmmmm I'll wear this hoodie because this is her favorite color." He walks to practice and on the way, he bumps into you, dropping headphones. " Awww I'm sorry (Y/N) let me get that for you." you reply with " Its alright Hoseok I was just on my to your guys' practice room is that where you were heading?" He starts to blush really hard and before he can even respond his face turns bright red as Jimin's hair in their Dope MV. " Awww Hobi your turning red!" you say as you giggle. Hoseok hands you your headphones. " Aww stop sprinkles! your gonna make me blush!" he calls you sprinkles cause he thinks your colorful and sweet as sprinkles. " Alright well want to walk with me, Sprinkles? Im heading there right now and Im gonna be late if keep talking." you responded with an ok symbol and you guys start walking and you finally made it to Big Hit Entertainment. When you guys walk into the practice room you see Jimin practicing, Jin eating, Jungkook on his phone, Namjoon writing lyrics with Yoongi and you and Jhope see Taehyung holding a teddy bear with a heart that says I love you on it. Taehyung walks towards you and whispers to you softly, "Hey babe, did you sleep alright?"as he's giving you a hug. you respond " I'll slept fine did you oppa?" V gives you the okay signal. " why dont sit while you watch me and the other members, ok baby?" "Okay."



My ultimate bias is Jung Hoseok who is the love of my life! MY HUSBAND!!! Choi Youngjae is taking over my life 😫
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