Running away


Some people make fun of their problems while others complain about them. But what they have to live with are the problems that stick with them from the beginning. The predictions of when they'll pop back up without warning. It's like a subscription with unexpected fees that rise. I've been talking to a few people on Vingle on many topics such as Donald Trump running for president, deaths of celebrates, and life in general and to make things better for the all of us is to set up shop someplace else than where we are now. But there's an important question I've been pondering about regarding the examples I've given and leaving all the worries behind: How long can we keep running, and how will it affect us and the rest of the people around us? There are lots of people setting up new homes not just to for excitement or for pleasure, but for economical, political, and social reasons. All Syrian refugees are making their way into Europe away from the horrors of ISIS. And regarding Trump's scary stupid campaign in America, I've been researching living expanses, working visas, and overall citizenship requirements for both Canada and Australia, trying to figure out which one will be suitable for me if I decide to live there. This is sort of related to to those who are scared of ISIS taking over the Middle East and the world and general representations of other problems people don't want to face. I'm comparing this to my country run by a billionaire with no experience in politics who wants to do the same thing. The American Napoleon Bonaparte. How will Americans, specifically minorities, deal with this personally? What will they say and do when they tell their families about how they wish to move away and not deal with the consequences made before them and what will the reactions be? And when they do move to a new home somewhere else in the world, will all the past turmoil come back to haunt them? This to me will be one of the hardest things to go through possibly later in 2016. This is actually the synopsis of a new short story I'm planning on writing, but it has made me feel unbearable. It's so unbearable that I want this story to be heard, but I cannot function well enough to turn it into a difference. Technically, we learn something old everyday and that's brand new in our lives of self-discovery. We learn the facts and we either accept them for what they are and have them effect us greatly, or we can change to make ourselves better without living a hellish environment that makes us miserable. It's all about you and what you must do, even when no one wants you to. You have to have a plan and if you have to stick with it and prepare it, even if it'll cost you a lot or if the upcoming event may not happen. This is not just about what I've been discussing, but it goes with everything else: Marriage, relationships, jobs, living, ect. This is the best I can explain, mew. We'll see what happens.

I'm not good at making bios, mew. The name's Patrick or Pat. Movie buff, anime geek, writer, professional cat-napper.
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