Hyun Bin's comeback movie!

Actor Hyun Bin has chosen The King’s Wrath (directed by Lee Jae Gyu, Choicecut Pictures) as his first movie after being discharged from the military. Yeongnin (The King’s Wrath) is a historical drama dealing with the period of political chaos during the conflict between the Old Learning (Noron) and the Young Learning (Soron) in the Joseon Dynasty. There have been many TV series and movies dealing with the life of King Jeongjo. However, Hyun Bin is going to differentiate his character from the earlier portrayals, giving it a tough and charismatic personality. The movie is highly anticipated because it is the first time for Hyun Bin to attempt acting in a period piece. The meaning of title, Yeongnin, implies “rubbing the scales on the dragon’s neck the wrong way,” which stands for the king’s wrath. It implicitly shows Jeonjo’s determination not to allow his royal authority to be undermined in the conflict between the Old Learning and the Young Learning. The director, Lee Jae Gye, who directed such TV series as Damo, Beethoven Virus, and The King Two hearts, is making his debut as a movie director.

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