This is what I want from SHINee!

There are many things that I want from this fantastic group, but I'm only going to list a few. Here it is!

A new album obviously!!! Like who doesn't want new music from SHINee?! They're awesome right?!

I also want Onew to write his own album as a soloist, or we can wait for Toheart to comeback with something. Choi Minho needs another solo album, like, I hear his first one didn't get a lot of attention, so I hope he can get more appreciation if he wrote a second one.

If SHINee did another world tour, they need to come to America, and not just California and New York only! They need to go all over the United States! I'm from Texas and we don't get a lot of attention from Korea so I feel like I'm the only girl at my school that actually loves listening to kpop!

So, that's my opinion on SHINee, I hope you all agree with my thoughts on this group, and I wish them the very best this year! I would like to tag@VixenViVi

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