DiCaprio Apologized To Gaga!

In a stunning turn of events, it turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio was VERY PERSUADED to make his way to Lady Gaga and apologize for what appeared to be a visibly shaken DiCaprio, as Lady Gaga brushed passed him to accept her Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie.

The incident occurred as DiCaprio, who, in an already inebriated state, was in the midst of a giggly moment with someone at another table when Gaga brushed passed him. Completely unaware that someone was right behind him, he was startled from his frivolity, realizing he was on television as she walked by.

The face that read heebee-jeebees was taken out of context, much to social media's delight.

At an after party dad-bod DiCaprio was approached by super hunk, Taylor Kinney--who also happens to be Gaga's fiance--with a few words for the A-lister. While there's much speculation to the nature of that exchange--everything from an FYI to a knock-down "Housewives-style" explosion--DiCaprio settled things with Gaga at a second after-party where the two were seen yucking it up, having a grand ole time.

Anybody else obsessed with Gaga's look at the GG? Tagging my Vingle Beauties...



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