CHAPTER 2 HOPE YOU LIKE IT! PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WANT BE TAGGED ON THE NEXT ONE!⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ - - Kim Jisoo's POV Finally we finished practicing! 6 hours of practice is just so tiring. But everyone knows that every trainee in an entertainment agency wants to debut badly. We went outside the building to leave hell and reach heaven which is my bed, I saw the guy who I met earlier and thought that  I like him but to tell you the truth he's my type but I still don't like him. When I glanced at himhe gave me a signal to go to him. So yeah I walked towards him and he asked me. "Hi! Can I have your number?" "Yeah! Sure." So I gave him my number and then he introduced his self. "Hi! I'm Kim Hanbin but you can call me B.I!" "Hi! I'm Kim Jisoo but you can call me Jisoo." After I introduced myself I said bye because I seriously had to leave. I left blushing. I know that mycheeks are flushed red I mean very red. You know what I bite my words for saying that I don't like him. I like him a lot...                      B.I's POV Yess! Finally I have her number and I finally introduced myself to her. I am very very very happy that I forgot I was in the middle of training. I head back to the studio as fast as I can. When I reached the studio someone announced that there will be a monthly evaluation after 5 days. "Wait let me think of a song for us to dance? Any suggestion?" Chanwoo suddenly suggested. "Hyung! How about CL noona's MTBD? That's song is nice." "Any other suggestions? Anyone? Does everyone agree with this song?" Everyone nodded. So we agreed on CL noona's MTBD or Menboong. ~~~~~~~ "Guys! Let's head back to the dorm because I know that you are very exhausted!" ~~~~~ When we reached our dorm everyone went straight to their rooms then changed and slept. They didn't even bother looking for food. Maybe, they're not just famished at all. I bet they are very sleepy. I, myself also did that but when I tried closing my eyes all that goes to my mind is Jisoo's beautiful face. Jisoo is just so beautiful especially when she smiles it's like there will be butterflies in your stomach. I thought of something! 'What if I will try giving her a text message will that work?' So yeah! I did try texting her. 'Hi! It's me B.I' I actually forgot to give her my number because I needed to go back to the studio. To tell you the truth I actually wanted to start a conversation with her.                     Kim Jisoo's POV I was in the middle of feeling heaven. Then my phone suddenly vibrated. Ughh! Who the hey is this? Who the hey is disturbing my sleep? So I checked my phone to know who disturbed my beauty sleep! Does tgis person even know how important is this for a girl like me? Are you serious? Wait.....WTF!!!! It's B.I oppa! Wait... again.... it's B.I oppa oettoekke! Should I answer? Yes I should answer it's the only way you could make him like you back! So yeah I did reply. I still can't believe he just texted me. Oh my fudging gosh! I fudging cannot believe this!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally! I'm done freaking out in my mind. I'm done freaking out that's a good thing! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! So I tried sleeping again but can't because the guy of my dreams just texted me!!..                        B.I'S POV Now the good thing is that my plan worked! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! *phone vibrating* I reached for my phone because I thought it was my manager texting me but it was Jisoo.... wait..... it's Jisoo! Huh! Biatches! I'm sorry to all her fans there but she is MINE! The both of us decided to chat all night and I actually felt energized after chatting with her. We ended our conversation with a single 'Bye!' Ok! Time for work. "Bobby,Jinhwan wake up!" "Junhoe,Donghyuk wake up!" "Chanwoo,Yunhyeong wake up!" *finished preparing* So we went to the training centre to obviously start training. *shocked* Jisoo's group arrived the same time my group arrived. Woah!! Coincidence? I think not! Hahahaha... I feel so lively today!!!                       JINHWAN'S POV What's wrong with B.I today? He's acting weirdly today! Did something happen to him? Wait... I forgot to.... (finger snap in my mind) I forgot to introduced myself! By the way I'm Jinhwan and I'm one of the members of the new upcoming new YG boy group iKON! It's been years since I wanted to debut and I finally got the chance. I mean an opportunity. Ok! So back to the main topic. It was break time and I approached Hanbin hyung and asked "Can I talk to you in private a.s.a.p?" "Yeah! Sure." Me and Hanbin hyung went somewhere where no on was. "I've been observing you this whole time. Why are you acting differently today?" "Why? What's wrong?" "You're the type of guy who is very serious while training!" "Is there something wrong with that?" "Yes! There is. You have to go back to serious mode and let's continue training. You just even taught us 2 steps for the dance. That is very unusual. You used to teach us all the steps in ine day and then on the next day we just have to master the whole song. You also have to remember that the monthly evaluation will take place after 4 days so go back to serious mode and let's get to work!"                         B.I.'s POV You know what Jinhwan is right! I have to go back to serious mode and start training! SERIOUS MODE ON! I went back to the studio with my serious face and yelled "Ok! Let's get back to practice." And everything is back to normal.......

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