Triple Threat


This past week has wiped me out so today I'm going to update twice to hopefully make up for the time lost.

Day 26: The best anime fight in my opinion is when Ed fights off Father, after Al's honorable sacrifice to give his brother a fighting chance. This scene has so many emotions too it, I couldn't possibly describe them all, but the one thing I can say is this fight could not have happened without believing in those around you.

Day 27: The most badass scene from any anime character is when Erza fights off against 100 monsters and dominates the Wizard Games. I mean Erza is incredible any day of the week, but when it came to this scene it took the cake. I would also like to apologise for the audio on the video, it is sometimes off a bit.

Day 28: My favorite anime quote is from Princess Tutu. When Ms. Edel is talking to Duck and she then describes what a story is. I enjoy this quote, not only because I dabble in stories from time to time, but it honestly made me think of our "fate" and whether every decision we make is apart of some design, or are we really forging our own destinies. Idk I just really like the quote. "A story's birth a sudden event the start a happy accident the end a fate for which it's meant." -Edel

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