[Korea] Have you ever visited JEJU ISLAND?

Have you even visited JEJU ISLAND? On last week, i went there ! Our family trip, because my brother is going to do military serviceㅜㅜ this is our last family travel in this year. Anyway, in JEJU island there are alot of activities that you can do like riding horses and ATV even fishing on the ship !!! The second picture, did you see that? I caught a fish !!!!! If you catch fishes, they cut them and you can it ^.^ really really delicious ! (the third pic) and then you know that the advantage of JEJU island is beatiful scenery !!!!!! especially, Cheonjayeon fall, Jusangjalli and sungsanilchulbong !!!!!!! If you wanna more info. About beautiful scenery in Jeju http://blog.naver.com/minyk2002/130167304048 About activities in Jeju http://blog.naver.com/minyk2002/130167304680

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