Teen Top Tattoos

so@SussiBosshammer gave me the idea for this card yesterday when she asked about if Minsoo's tattoos were real or not. so let's check out Teen Top's tats!

who doesn't like a sexy shirtless tattooed man?! and may I say Cap pulls off this look well...


pic # 3: so his neck tattoos and the teen top tattoo across his chest are not real. I'm not sure about the skull on his stomach because in pic # 7 you see a tattoo there but I doesn't really look like the same tattoo idk maybe it was just unfinished at that point. (if someone knows tell me) the rest are real though. he has angels because he always said he really loved the look of them and carpe diem on his shoulder. idk I heard that Cap gets a lot of flack for his excessive tattoos but I love them and more is always welcome! it's his form of expression and his body so leave him be!

I like this too. it's true words can really hurt more than actions and you should be careful with what words you choose to say to other people. thanks for that wisdom Minsoo.

this too shall pass away

lastly our maknae Changjo. he states in an interview he got his tattoos for his family. whoa his bare back slays me.

Ljoe, Niel, and Ricky do NOT have tattoos as far as I know. I don't want to say anything definite because they never take off they're shirts (pouts) so maybe Idk they have tramp stamps for all we know!! here some fake tattoos for you to enjoy though sorry I couldnt find any for Ricky so here is just a cute picture of our baby instead.

Ljoe apparently isn't opposed to getting one though kekekeke nailed it Cap.

Aaaand just for fun here is my tattoo! it symbolizes me, my sister, and my brother (both older) after my dad past when i was at a young age they really helped my mom raise me so they are my everything. do you have tattoos? what does it stand for? what is your favorite teen top tattoo? or who is your favorite tattooed idol? thanks for reading my long card haha xoxo angels!! p.s please support TT new mv Warning Sign


I love Teen Top
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