Decisions (pt 5) The Dinner

It had been 2 days since your date with Suga, and you were no closer to making a decision that you were the first night. Mind racing between images of both men were flashing in your head.

"Okay," you mumbled to yourself, "time to really make a decision." You thought of not only the dates, but who you thought would be better for your future. Bringing out your laptop you started writing a list of everything about both men. Laying out all pro's and con's for them both. As you were writing your list you got a phone call, but chose to ignore it. This was far more important to you at the moment, but your phone kept ringing. Whoever it was, they really wanted to talk to you, and bad. After about the third time your phone rang you decided to answer.

"Annyeonghaseyo" you voice was a bit irritated.

?? "I can't believe you slept with him....." the voice sobbing on the other end, you weren't able to tell who it was. "I just thought you were different from that y/n" "Wh-who is this?" The voice chuckled, "No one you ever thought you had to worry about." "Jungkook??! Is that you??" ?? "No it's not young Kookie, he doesn't even know you fucked Yoongi. I'm the only one that knows" There was a long silence between you both, as you tried to figure out who you were taking to.?? "What's wrong y/n can't figure me out? Good, I just want to tell you I too have feeling for you.You gonna fuck me now? Or is that only with guys that have long hair?" "......Jin?" ?? "Good guess sweetie."*CLICK* You were astonished, was that really Jin? The oldest of the men. The man never called Yoongi, hyung, so he had to have been older than him. He also had to have known you, and Yoongi to have know about what you did. There was only 2 people who it could have been, either Jin or Rap Monster. You didn't know their voices very well, so you had to imagine what they'd sound like on the phone.

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