“We have two days left until we leave Vicky do you have all your stuff packed up yet? Remember that we will have the room and we have a bunk bed that will be for you and me, if you want to bring pictures, some books anything that you absolutely can’t leave home without is cool. Besides that just basic necessities, mainly your clothes. We definitely need to go shopping for things that aren’t easy to find in our sizes over there like jeans, bras, and shoes.”

“Really? Why did we have to be so well endowed? Alright we should go shopping tomorrow that way we can get it packed up. Is there anything else that I should bring that I wont be able to find over there?”

“probably just beauty and hygiene products, since your skins is sensitive and is used to the stuff you use now. That way when we actually go to shops you can take your time to find out what is good for your skin. There is a lot of variety over there but most things I have seen are gently and safe for sensitive skin so you will be able to find something once you run out of the stuff you use now.”

“OK cool I see. I’ll just stock up on my fav stuff when we go shopping tomorrow, until I find out what I like over there. Alright dude I’m gonna let you go cause I need to finish packing up my stuff. Later.”

“ Cool beans see you later”

Two days…

This past week has gone by so fast, its kinda crazy that I'm still able to function. Between packing, making surprise plans for my mom, and the dreams I’ve been having lately. I'm dead tired and completely going out of my mind trying to figure out what the latest development in my dream means.


I could see everything but wasn’t able to hear a sound. I was able to see around me, my surroundings. I was lying in the crosswalk between the street and this huge park right next a river. It was dark and snow was falling down lightly, everything was white and the full moon was out. It was so bright that the snow falling around me glistened, like pixie dust.

I floated away from myself, up into the air to see this big beautiful city. A city that I knew from summer nights, when it was so hot we couldn’t sleep. Nights we went out to walk by the river. Finding relief in the mango bingsoo that I loved so much.

It was Seoul.

I could feel the tears flowing down my face, as I smiled at the beautiful night view that was my second home.

I wanted to run to my mother as soon as I saw where I was. I pointed my soul in the right direction but I couldn’t move more than 10 feet from my body. I could move above myself without limit but I couldn’t move away from myself.

As the scene played out I waited watching myself lying there, being in the place I have been dreaming of for two years. Being so close to my family and not being able to see them I tried as hard as I could to push the barrier that kept me there. I tried to will it to dissipate, try as I might I wasn’t strong enough.

So I waited.

I stayed close as everything played out watching this man care for me. I wanted to comfort him, tell him that I was ok.

I felt completely hopeless not being able to help anyone I cared about I waited as the sadness overwhelmed me.

I woke up crying.

It took me a couple minutes to process what was going on.

The longing I felt for the family I missed and for the man that cared for me in my dreams, would not subside.

I sat there in my bed silently weeping, no matter what I tried to do the tears kept coming.

So I let them.

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