The History of Detectable Warning Tiles

Over the years, legislation has been passed that helps to protect those with disabilities. These acts include the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition to working to make people with disabilities safer, no matter where they go, these two acts also require that sidewalks and crossing specifically be made safer.

Detectable warning tiles are the solution to making pedestrians with disabilities safer. These tiles are used to help make sidewalks safer for pedestrians with disabilities by warning them that a crossing is coming up. This is made possible by the fact that detectable warning tiles have bumps and are colored differently than the surrounding sidewalk. Over the years, the detectable warning tiles have been improved, helping to save countless lives, since pedestrians with disabilities are warned that danger may be close.

ADA Solutions is leading the way in Tactile Warning Surfaces for 20 years. We design each and every one of our products with safety & convenience in mind.
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