Playlist Challenge Walking the dog playlist


This challenge was set up by the BTS community, and It looked so fun I could not resist the urge to jump in!


1. Pick at least 5 songs (does not have to be just BTS songs) 2. Tag the BTS support team@MadAndrea@BulletproofV@SugaOnTop@CreeTheOtaku@Vkookie47@thePinkPrincess@amobigbang (me) 3. Pick a theme examples....Party Playlist, Bedtime Playlist, Break up Playlist, Study Playlist etc 4. Tag your amigos to spread the fun!

So walking our dog is something that we have to do every day, and although it's good exercise (my dog does not believe in walking slow!!) it can get boring when you have to do it everyday. So to keep myself entertained, I usually have my headphones on listening to some upbeat music! Here are some of my favorites to listen to while I go:

(And there is actually a variety of BTS songs ..of course! :0)

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(credit to the picture and video owners)

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