Top Plays: NFL Divisional Round

Check out the top plays from this past weekend's action in the NFL Divisional Round!

Which is your favorite?




5. Bradley Roby vs. Steelers

Without this play, the Steelers might have pulled out a victory in this one. But the Broncos' defense shows why it's the best in the league and forces a massive fumble by the Steelers' RB late in the game. Demarcus Ware recovers, and the rest, as they say, is history. Defensive play of the week!


4. Greg Olsen vs. Seahawks

Let me be very clear about something: Olsen is not open on this play. The coverage is excellent, but Cam doesn't care. He fires one right in, between the two defenders that drape Olsen on either side of his back, and the missile connects with the tight end for a really amazing TD. This is one of the throws of the season.


3. Seahawks' Special Teams vs. Panthers

This was the play that almost turned the tides of this game. The Seahawks are trying to make a ferocious comeback, and their fake punt here really gave them a ton of momentum. They ended up coming up short, but it was quite a play, and the special teams executed it perfectly for the first down.


2. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Packers

First, props to Carson Palmer for escaping the rush here. Then, Fitzgerald makes a play that is going to go down in history as one of the most exciting I've ever seen. He runs around the entire field and evades almost the entire Packers' defense before being brought down inside the 5. The play set up the game-winning score.


1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Cardinals

Are you kidding me? It may have been in a losing effort, but Rodgers somehow pulled off this insane Hail Mary, the second one of this sort he's completed this season. He demonstrates other-worldly arm strength, plus an amazing catch by the WR to send the game into OT.

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