[JJ] Second Semester in the Assassination Classroom

Certainly one of the biggest hits of 2015 was the new anime for Assassination Classroom. The manga had been around since 2012, but it was only in January of last year that Koro-sensei came to life in an anime.

The show became a quick hit with fans for it's stunning visuals and the bizarre but intriguing plot. For anyone who doesn't know, it basically follows the story of an Octopus-like alien monster who can move at Mach 20 who destroys a significant part of the moon. He claims that he will destroy the earth in a similar way a year from that time, and the world governments make a deal with him, to have him become a teacher for Kunugigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E.

The students are tasked with the impossible: assassinating their teacher.


The second season has already begun! This anime was majorly successful last year, providing an intriguing, new plot concept for shonen fans and viewership.

It's definitely a new season that I'm totally stoked for this year.

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