[JJ] YG Life ~ Game Go!

@KwonOfAKind So this looked fun and I apparently loved doing these. How would my life be if I was an entertainer at YG Entertainment?

I am terrified by CL. Her aura is RAWR!

This man. He is awesome. Glad I'm on his good side. One of the few KWorld guys I can call Oppa.

Woot!! Like Hell Ya! Were there any other choices because this is the only one that matters.

You know what? The truthyness of this is scary. She is an awesome gal and might actually be scarier than CL. I'm gonna call it admire more than crush.

So I do a song collaboration with to guys from iKon...... cool. Honestly I haven't looked to much into iKon. I had my friend fix me because I thought they were from Winner.

What!?! A photoshoot with Seungri, Dara, and Soohyun! Awesome! Must be a promotion for a magazine or something.

So my ragtag group of friends are odd. I don't know how we get along. I may have meet YunHyeong while we were doing our song collaboration. We are one big family anyways.


Daesung wants to know why I didn't get him for any of them. Of course he is also part of my squad by default.

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