[JJ] What it would be like to be in YG

@KwonOfAKind it looked fun so I wanted to try ^-^

I could see this....

Seungri is the friendly type so I can really see

I love IKON so this would be awesome

.....his voice is sweet

This is awesome! I get to collab with well-known (everyone knows then though....) stars!

...God taeyang will be shirtless and the other two would stand there being like *ok what are we suppose to do?*

....three of them are from winner and the others are from IKON I would be super happy

I'm a weird anime and k-pop Lover ^-^... If you ever want to talk with someone I am always open for talks *please note that I am a awkward person* I'm in too many fandoms but I will name a few Exo-L, bana, shawol, vip, army, IGOT7, ELF, BABY, ect you can call me koinii or Sammy. my ultimate bias will forever be (which is Kindda weird since he's not in exo (exo was a group that attached to me when I first got into kpop)) Chanwoo of IKON Dongho you are still lovely even if your married.
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