Seventeen Moments

um I think the mouse needs to go back into its house... hahaha no your putting your hand down your... oh no I'm died hah

LOL dude I'm so laughing hahaha I'm taking a break in my Academic Study Hall and I'm just laughing to hard as I look at this lol ^^

hahaha I have actually had friends be interviewed on the bulleten while there high it's like interviewer-"what do you think about school" high person-"Idk man" tilts head up "its just so mysterious man you just gotta go with the flow" interviewer-"what do you think how the week as been?" high person-"great haha everything is so great hahaha I mean the sky is so blue today haha" laughs and almost falls hahaha its funny

I thought that was Jeonghan.... the actress is actually really pretty though but she looks like Jeonghan there its not a bad thing she really pretty though

OK Then credits to who ever made that lol its funny

Woozi I know your pain. I'm at a sad 5'0 but I bet your taller hahaha Woozi is so damn cute no matter what

hahaha oh Vernon getting his hands on The8 haha I ship them

ugh my heart sank cuz I was like Oppa no :'( but then I read the shirt and I was like wait the one with the hair is Jeonghan hehe

I wonder what went down during this picture since they look kinda you know lol jeonghan-"you heard nothing"

thank you for visiting this post^^ and Swaggy Boo there... hahaha I love Boo♡

Hi Im Nemo^^ co owner of Mikkibabycakes account on asian fan fic. Momo is also co owner tho were like idk lol partners in the account hahaha im super nice and sweet and ill be posting stuffs lol
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